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Ladle turret complete with weighing system.
Fixed ladle turret

The best solution for low-cost sequence casting.

Compact and robust design with optimal fork arm ratio.

Ladle turret with fixed arms and independent lifting devices

Medium investment.

Good access to close casting facilities.

No need complete dismantling for hydraulic cylinder replacement.

Ladle turret with independent lifting arms

Ladle turret with independent lifting arms is a more expensive solution.

Independent turning of the ladles.

Cooling Bed
Turn-over cooling bed.

Final temperature calculation model

Our experience enables us to calculate the final temperature for the billet at the turn-over cooling bed. The final temperature is calculated by means of functional relations mathematical model, linking:

  • Billet in temperature  
  • Size of the billet  
  • Local temperature  
  • Residence time of the billet on the turn-over cooling bed

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